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Sport Academy


Sports Academy experts work for years to discover the rules that govern how the sporting world behaves: the formula that makes things in sport work out, every time. At Coastal KZN Academy, we’re experts in our field of Sport training and education – and we’ve developed a formula that we know will give every one of our diverse mix of children the sport skills, confidence and Sport support they need to succeed in their sporting careers.
The key ingredients at the heart of the formula are three words: known, valued and understood. We apply these three words to each one of our Athletes life spell with us, by striving to know them as people with their unique combination of sport skills, desires and quirks; by working to understand how these can be applied to give each athlete their greatest possible sporting start in life; and by showing them every day that we value what they bring to the world – and that they should value it too.

Faith is another vital ingredient in our formula. Together with our stakeholders and shareholders of the Academy, we aim to promote personal faith as a dynamic, relevant force in our Athletes’ lives. We welcome Athletes of all faiths and none, because we see a person’s choice of faith as part of the way they express themselves – the guiding hand that helps them distinguish between what is right and wrong. But there’s one faith we all share: the faith that one day we’ll be part of a society that lives and works together in mutual harmony.


Pursue Sports education and training interventions to promote it into community, and enhance Sport as an economic job creation industry.


  • Establishment of Sport training Academy and Coaching School
  • The Academy will develop and manage Sporting talent
  • We will align the sport Academy to the government broad sporting imperatives
  • We will develop health and wellness activities within Sporting fraternities
  • Develop programme for unemployed Youth at post matric level

Renewed Sport Code offering:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Futsal
  • Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Track and endurance (Athletics)
  • Aerobics classes

Skills Development programmes:

  • Sports Management
  • Sports generic Coaching
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Fitness

The Sport Academy intends to offer its services to Schools, HEI, the public in general and NGOs as well as other government departments. In addition as is expected we will form many public/private partnerships to enhance the value of development of as an industry in KZN.The vision is to identify and develop sportsmen and women at a highly competitive level. Notwithstanding this the provision of support for experts, administration is equally important as such the development of Sport administrators will be an integral part of the Academy.



Manager: Mr D.S. Biyela
T: +27 31 905 7046,
E: Biyelad.ckzcao@kzntvet.edu.za