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Nated (Report 191)


NATED programmes are delivered under the auspices of the Department of Higher Education and Training and quality assured by Umalusi. These programmes are offered in both Engineering and Business Studies. Engineering is offered as trimester courses (3 months per level) and Business Studies as semester courses (6 months per level).

NOTE: A National Diploma (M+3) qualification is awarded to students who have completed their N6 in a specific field and have completed a relevant 24 month in-service training with the organization of their choice.

• Engineering Studies
Entry requirement: N3 or Grade 12 with Maths and Physical Science as a passed subject,
Registration: January, May & September.

• Business Studies
Entry requirement: N3 or Grade 12
Registration: January & July.

We offer the following Nated (Report 191) Programmes:

Business Studies N4 - N6

Engineering Studies N1 - N6

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Nated: Business Studies

Financial Management

Farming Management

Management Assistant

Marketing Management

Public Management


Nated: Engineering Studies

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Multi Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice / Draughting