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Certificate Hand Over To Mr J Moonsamy (CNC Turning Worldskills Winner)

Mr E Mashabane, Chief Director NSF Skills Development Initiative for the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology congratulated Mr Jared Monosamy from Coastal KZN TVET College on winning a gold medal at WorldSkills Competition  

He congratulated Moonsamy during Mr E Mashabane’s recent visit  to Coastal KZN TVET College recently, he congratulated Mr Jared Moonsamy his success at the WorldSkills Competition in Russia. The WorldSkills competition recognises excellence in traditional apprenticeship skills and high-technology skills such as electronics and service skill areas like cooking and beauty therapy. The competition aims to promote vocational careers by allowing young people under the age of 22 who are studying, working, training or completing apprenticeships to compete against other young people in their chosen fields of study.

Moonsamy, a Computer Numerical Controlled Turning (CNC) WorldSkills Competitor scooped the Gold Medal for the Team Challenge. He was tasked to design and programme components to be machined to resemble the international Russian Space Station. WorldSkills Competition took place in Kazan, Russia on 22 - 27 August 2019. The 45th WorldSkills Competition brought together approximately 1,600 young professionals representing more than 70 countries who competed to be World Champions in 56 different skills. The event was held at the KAZAN EXPO International Exhibition Centre where more than 1,000 Experts evaluated the Competitors’ work. Jared Join Coastal KZN TVET College in February 2018 in a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Skills Program.

Chief Director said, "I want to warmly congratulate Coastal KZN TVET College’s WorldSkills winner, he competed alongside the best in the world and he should be immensely proud of what he has achieved."    

He also said, “Trades and vocational skills are an important tool in helping us tackle the high youth unemployment numbers in the country. By developing these kinds of skills, we are equipping young people to go into careers in these fields, or to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses further down the line.”

In her welcoming address, the Deputy Principal Corporate Services, Mrs Msimang congratulated all the talented young people from Coastal KZN TVET College that competed at this year's competition. She said, “Skills are essential to the global economy and to the future prosperity of every country”.




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