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Urban farming

Some of the students involved in urban farming

urban farming

Urban Farming at Umlazi BB Campus

Umlazi-BB Campus Life Orientation and First Additional Language lecturers, Mrs T Khumalo, Miss RT Mthembu and Mr S Mqadi have become aware of the socio- economic challenges faced by some of the students. They noticed that some students are attending classes on empty stomachs which has a negative impact on teaching and learning.

They felt it will be a good idea to empower students through skills transfer programme by introducing food gardening. This intervention speaks to food security issue as well as the transfer of agricultural skills. The aim is to empower students to practice subsistence farming and may be later embark on an industrious drive.
A partnership was forged with Enactus, a UKZN based NPO. They introduced us to urban farming concept. In our gardens we cultivate different vegetables like spinach, beetroot, potatoes and lettuce.

We have also partnered with Global Shapers, Department of Agriculture and Paw Paw Foundation.